Friday, February 16, 2018

Using the Filipino language in Japanese medium, once again

After my two-year anime fansubbing spree, it's time I once again move out into unknown lands and explore the mysterious ins-and-outs of a new project in mind, manga scanlation. I already have mastery of the free Paint.NET software and minimal knowledge of Photoshop, also collected some comic fonts, found a fresh, raw source of manga, now It's time I start my own manga translation group! But that's kinda boring, isn't it? Then, I'll use Filipino instead, for old times' sake! Isn't that fun? Obviously, it's going to fail anyways, because of how lazy I am once I become commited, but this is just the start. ;) There is a new site called MangaDex (owned by the leader of Doki Fansubs, if you don't know, who also owns AniDex, FansubDB,, etc.), which is now becoming popular due to the demise of the infamous, that inspired me to think of this endeavor. Last week, I have translated 4 doujins (all coming from nhentai) just to test my skills, containing at least 15 pages, and right now, I'm in the middle of translating my first official manga (which is challenging because the manga is originally colored, the raw scans are both low in quality and resolution, plus it contains more than 200 chapters in 7 volumes). Now, let me explain my motive in doing this. My goal for now is to release some Filipino manga in MangaDex. Right now, there isn't any single Filipino manga in the dex. That explains the "language flag" tabs on top, each containing at least one manga chapter/page per language. Once I release one in Filipino (if I set the language of the uploaded manga in the settings to Filipino), a new tab will appear bearing the Philippine flag. Now, all Filipino-translated manga ever released in MangaDex will be filtered by selecting that tab. Once Filipino readers see the tab, they would select it out of curiosity and would result in my release being filtered in. Seeing the Filipino tab containing only a few releases, more will be drawn to create scanlation groups using Filipino, or even joining me :D I can already see the potential of MangaDex becoming the primary source of translated manga in the coming months or years, so it's best to start early. Well, that's just all of the plan for now, I'm still thinking whether to use FNT as the name of the group or JackH4L or just create a new name. Hope to see this executed in a few days.

Update (Feb 25, 2018)
Finally, the site is up. I settled with the name Candy Cane Translations, removing all connotations of Filipinoism, which is (we as Filipinos) our tendency to make :P Website:

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Ideas for my planned novel

Robert Arevalo y Narciso - Protagonist

Denise Alonzo y Naraja
Christine Rivera y Matias
Maria Katlyn Oro y Decena
John Bitales y Litonan

Alternate Earth
-Austronesian Federation
-State of Maharlika
-Nilad Prefecture
-City of Palanyag
-To be continued

Sunday, December 3, 2017

About FNT Fansubs...

Things are getting pretty bad for FNT. I've been busy for the past couple of months and the last time I had something released was way back in April. I dunno if it is worth pursuing; there are so many reasons that tell me to stop, like, "What would I get by doing this?" plus "Why sub in a language not usually seen in fansubs if majority of your country already understand English?". I'm just human. I get bored doing the same stuff, over and over again. Looking back at FNT's website, I realized something..... how horrible and childish my writing was. 😜 Until today though, but I think somehow I improved 😉 Maybe one day, when I am capable, I will be able to continue what's left of FNT. This isn't goodbye yet, this is just getting started 😎

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Collapsible Block

Hello world! I'm the expanded content!

Sunday, October 29, 2017